Tax services

We ensure through our tax service that your company complies with city, state and federal taxes.

We prepare tax returns and all the heavy formal duties of the Brazilian tax system.

Our tax manager, with more than 20 years of experience in the Brazilian tax system, offers our customers a high quality service in accordance with the latest update in tax legislation and local rules.

"The Brazilian tax system is one of the most complex, even for a Brazilian! You will answer to three different tax administrations: municipal, state and federal. The taxes you will declare are PIS / COFINS, II, IRPJ, CSLL, ISS, ICMS , IPI ... only for the main ones! Brazil also has some peculiarities and tax rules updated on a regular basis. Jade is committed to maintain a constant update of changes in the Brazilian tax system. " Donizete Silva - Gerente Fiscal
Ricardo Gonçalves-Gerente Fiscal - RJ
Our team will guide you in choosing the most appropriate tax system for your project.

The taxation of Brazilian companies declares to three different tax administrations: federal, state and municipal.

To facilitate the process on time, Jade offers you a complete tax service.