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A Brazilian acceleration package

We understand that when you enter the complex Brazilian legal and tax environment, you need a reliable support and advice from the best experts in each area.

We developped this acceleration package to propose the best services delivered directly by the expert in the matter. The added value is the coordination that you would gain to avoid a time consuming follow-up and hidden costs.

We are here to help you in implementing your subsidiary or launching your activity, taking advantage of the great Brazilian potential without suffering from its complex environment.


Concrete examples

  • You seek information about your business partners
  • You value the business you plan to acquire or merge with
  • Your accounting and taxes due diligence
  • You build contracts or your articles of association
  • You register your company
  • You open your bank account
  • You simulate your tax strategy
  • You open a virtual address until you have your own office
  • You transfer funds to Brazil and declare to Central Bank
  • You create your website and communication
  • You need a visa
  • Your complete book keeping and tax compliance