Company creation service

Due to the Brazilian tax complexity, foreign companies need experienced professionals to assist them to create their subsidiaries and perform their tax maintenance.

In order to help you to realize your project in Brazil, Jade Associates is by your side during each step of the creation to minimize delays:

Step by step

Our team helps you in every step of your project. We will advise you to be sure you are making the good choice.
If any further information needed, contact us. Thanks to our experience, we will be able to answer you or to guide your choice to the most appropriate legal form for your project.

As soon as you agree with the terms of the contract, our team starts the creation process with the different Brazilian administrations. The process is as follows:

  • Collect all information and documents from the entrepreneur or the company
  • Check if a complementary registration is needed due to the company activity (tourism, health, food, agriculture,…)
  • Prepare powers of attorney from the shareholders
  • Signatures recognition
  • Articles of association
  • Registration of the articles of association in the Chamber of Commerce of the state where the company will be headquartered in Brazil
  • Registration with the federal Tax Administration : company CNPJ
  • Registration with the State Tax Administration (only for commercial companies)
  • Registration in the municipality to obtain the Alvara (operations authorization)
  • E-CNPJ request : Tax electronic identifier


The Brazilian law requires a legal Brazilian address in the articles of association.
We propose to domicile your company in our offices. Then, you benefit from a Brazilian address without paying the cost of an office rental.

Thanks to our partner Linq Brasil, we offer our clients a complete set of services: virtual office, commercial domiciliation and meeting room rental.

Legal representation of the company

The Brazilian law states two types of legal representation:

  • The director of the company must be a person with a permanent resident visa.
  • Shareholders must be represented in the legal statutes by a person with a permanent resident visa.

In order to ease this constraining process, JADE offers these two types of administration mandates for you and your company.

An mandated administrator from Jade Associates assumes the legal responsibility to represent shareholders. However, he will never take any decision related to the administration of your company. This service of simple administration only gives the power of attorney to sign documents and represent you. You decide the duration of such mandate. If you decide, at any moment, to change your administrator, a simple change in your articles of association will be sufficient.