The Jade team in Brazil


OLIVIER GROLLEAU – Director Jade Associates Brazil

With 18 years as Finance Director, and the DESCF (French Accounting and Finance Diploma), I occupied leading positions in multinational companies, in electronics & defense, retail, oil & gas, automotive.

I participated as a leading part of various industrial and financial turnarounds.
My M&A experience in middle market companies can help our clients in their projects.

I put at your service my multicultural and multi-sectors experience acquired in various positions in Brazil, France, Venezuela, Argentina, and Mexico.

Our professional team in São Paulo

NELSON BONETS – Accountantnelson.bonetsI have been working in the accounting field for over 25 years for various national and multinational companies. Currently employed at Jade São Paulo as accountant, I also deal with the reports for clients. Regarding my qualification, I have an MBA from the USP (Universidade de São Paulo) in 2004 and obtained a Bachelor degree of Accounting Sciences from the UFA (Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas) got in 1985.
I am also able to respond to our international customers thanks to my English courses.

TATIANE MARQUES – Accountant assistanttatiane.marquesGraduated in Accountancy (UNINOVE), I started in a huge company of automotive industry as finance assistant. Before joining Jade Associates, I also did an internship in an accounting firm during five months and worked as accounts payable and audit assistant for a major automotive player.

DAYANE SILVA SAMPAIO – Office assistantdayane.silva-sampaioI have only been working here for few months but this work is exciting for me! Every day, I issue tax notes and I support the tax department in its daily tasks. Before working for Jade Associates, I was an administrative assistant while also taking administrative and IT night school.

FRANCISCO DEL BUSSIO JR – Accountantfrancisco.del-bussio-jrGraduated in Accounting from the University São Judas of Tadeu, I work in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Human Resources and Finance for over 25 years. In the past, I worked as an auditor for large companies in various sectors.
At Jade, I am now responsible for internal staff and clients, in addition to supporting the accounting department and taking care of the accounts payable.

THOMAS LUSTEAU – Business Controllerthomas.lusteauGraduated from an engineering school coupled with a Master II degree in International Management, I moved to Brazil in the beginning of 2013 after two years in Paris as IT project Manager. I started as a sales manager and financial analyst and work now as business controller in JADE-ASSOCIATES, São Paulo. Today I want to continue and support the company in its future growth in the Brazilian market.

LILIANE SANTOS – Administrative assistantlilliane.santosIn the high school of São Paulo I chose accounting specialty and then I continued my accounting courses but in a professional way when I was in IDEPAC São Paulo. I also did a course to become a financial assistant analysis when I was in CENOFISCO in 2009.
Nowadays, I am an administrative assistant in Jade since June 2013, I am in charge of the invoices issuing, tax calculation and all related obligations.

The complete team in São Paulo


Our professional team in Rio de Janeiro

PATRICIA BARRETO – Office managerpatricia.barretoGraduated from the UERJ (University of Rio de Janeiro) in accounting, I am studying a specialization in management and tax planning. Now, I have the CRC (official document that gives you the right to work as an accountant in Brazil).
I used to work for a retail company named União de Lojas Leader in the accounting, audit and consulting department. Then, I worked for the international audit firm Acal Auditoria e Consultoria in their accounting and tax service.
I am now the new manager of the Jade Associates Rio de Janeiro office; where I am responsible for the accounting, finance and the legalization of companies.

BRICE VAN DYCK – Reporting Supervisorbrice.vandyckThanks to a Franco-Brazilian origin, I daily help our clients in both translating their accounting and setting up their business in Brazil. I do not hesitate to move to the bank and try to accelerate the process of account opening. Concerning my background, I have a DCG degree (degree in Accounting and Organizational Management) from the ENGDE school in Paris. I had the chance to work with Vallourec in the accounting department. Today, the accounting of our customers is updated and the process of creating is tending towards accelerating. I try to make customer satisfaction my priority.

RICARDO GONCALVES – Tax managerricardo.goncalvesI have got a MBA in Tax Management from the Cândido Mendes University, and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University Center Celso Lisboa. I am working in Accounting, Audit, Tax, and Finance for more than 20 years.
I have been working for Bradesco in accounting; CIBRA Indústrias de Tintas, as financial manager and manager of the personnel; LUMAR Assessoria Contábil Ltda., as financial manager and as the manager of the portfolio of approximately 400 customers.
I also worked in Interactive Sport, acting as fiscal manager for direct and indirect taxes.
In the company Jade, I am the Tax Manager.

ELEA MORIN – Commercial managerelea.morinGraduated from an International Business School in Paris, I start my professional career with the strong desire to learn and to improve my negotiation methods. Be part of the team of Jade Associates in Rio allows me to take part of a strong Franco-Brazilian team and a perfectionist company. Daily, I am in direct contact with our clients to ensure them satisfaction and a tailored service adapted to their request; this is a challenge to live up to my expectations and I try to make the best every day in my job.

DEBORA PASSOS – Human ressourcesdebora.passosGraduated in Human Resources Management, I have a five year experience in this service.
I know all the daily tasks of HR Department: payroll, social connectivity and trade relations. To help our clients, I speak Portuguese and English (basic).

ALICE FERREIRA – Human ressources Managerdebora.passos
Graduated in Human Resources for 12 years, I work cover all aspects of this function. I manage several subsystems and I have experience in the implementation and coordination in Human Resources and Personnel Department, including people management, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, and benefits.

The complete team in Rio de Janeiro